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Ad Options: Property Profile Premier Profile Feature Profile
$42 / month * $55 / month * $98 / month *
* six-month minimum listing
Property Description highlighting what makes your property special 600 characters 2000 characters 2000 characters
Photos to showcase your property to prospective buyers 1 6 12
Map pinpointing your property and surrounding attractions
Link to your property website for additional information
Mortgage Calculator assists prospective buyers to determine affordability
Direct prospective buyer contact by email, text or telephone
New Listing Alerts notify prospective buyers of new listings and property change-of-status
No Commissions
Dashboard to manage all aspects of your listing
Support to answer questions and provide intelligent assistance
Performance Report shows how many prospective buyers see your property and how many click through to your website for additional information
Displays on Home Page in addition to State and Destination Pages
Video one of the highest engagement tactics in digital marketing. Increase your online marketing reach by driving traffic to You Tube, Twitter and Facebook.
Awards & Accolades demonstrate established and professional... worthiness, distinguish from,
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