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Are you an active innkeeper who is ready to move on to a different property? Maybe you are ready to move up to a bigger inn, or you want to downsize to a smaller one. Perhaps you are preparing to retire from the hospitality industry, starting a new career, want to be closer to family, or just need a change of scenery. Regardless of your reasons for selling your bed and breakfast property, Bed and Breakfast for can assist you in finding the right buyer.

By listing your inn on our site, you gain visibility for your property among thousands of buyers in your target market. Aspiring innkeepers and lodging property owners search our listings every day looking for opportunities to buy properties just like yours. Make sure your inn is there for them to find; list your property with us today.

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"We are happy to report that our inn has been sold and the buyers saw it on your site!!!!"

Al and Diane Muro

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