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To determine the feasibility of an inn purchase and

financing a bed and breakfast

 business, a proforma (or budget estimate) is critical. Accurately forecasting revenues and potential expenses is key to determining viability of an inn purchase! The average inn is highly leveraged; its mortgage is often the largest expense line item.

This mortgage calculator is provided as a service of Bed and Breakfast For It is a calculation tool, not an offer to lend. Use it to calculate monthly mortgage payment, including principal and interest, closing and improvement costs of your proposed inn. The interest rates shown are for demonstration purposes only. Actual terms and market interest rates may vary. Taxes and insurance are not included.

To use the calculator, enter the appropriate amounts where requested. Use the "Help" button if you need guidance or an explanation.

Additional resources on small business loans, business plans, and more are available in our B&B Bookshop.

Inn Aquisition
Inn Purchase Price
Improvements Required
Total Acquisition Cost
Down Payment
Closing Costs
Loan Amount
Financing Terms
Interest Rate
Length of Loan/Years
Estimated Payments
Monthly Principal + Interest Payment
Annual Payment
Total Payments Over Term of Loan
Total Interest Paid Over Term of Loan

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